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Collateral Jamage

The punk scene in London, Ontario is steeped in decades of tradition, and the do-it-yourself subculture has a momentum that’s unique and very much its own within the city’s music history. Collateral Jamage Festival expresses the current moment of punk’s story—the “story”…..

Rebel Remedy

Kortekaas, a wellness devotee, with a degree in globalization studies, is the brains behind Rebel Remedy’s colorful juices and elixirs. Her studies focused on food security, development, and international politics— which imbued her with concern for the global food economy. When we bite into a pepper, we seldom think about where our food is coming from and how it makes its way to us.

Patterson, the culinary savant behind the shop’s cuisine, accredits her cooking skills to self-teaching and techniques gleaned from coworkers over the years. Having developed her culinary finesse working in several restaurants, both in London and Toronto— Patterson, like many of us, found herself tired of chasing other people’s dreams, which prompted her to open a business of her own.


Madison Powers is a multi-dimensional artist and Bealart alum who currently lives and studies in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We brought froward a series of questions regarding how growing up in London has shaped Madison, as well as exploring the themes in current projects and sources of inspiration, and the crucial influence of the Bealart experience.

Arielle Kayabaga

London’s first black female councillor. In the sprawling Ward 13 area, Kayabaga is campaigning for inclusion in all spaces, advocating for diversity, and exploring ways to address the issue of homelessness.

Michael Gibson

Gibson possesses a broad outlook on the current state of Canadian art by embracing the young and the old, the radical and conservative, as well as the figurative and the abstract. The story alone of how Gibson came to open his very own gallery points to his approaches to curatorial practice and art collecting, revealing how he values passion and taste in everything he does.


Speaking to Misha Bower for even just a few minutes, two things become immediately apparent: inquisition is paramount to her artistic practice, and that she’s keenly self-aware, with a razor-sharp sense of humour. We meet up in her new apartment tucked away in the Old East Village, that she’s breaking in with French 75’s and records on a loop. We discussed – without provocation – how she’s collaborative at heart; this passion pulls her from the pragmatics of her daily life as an educational aide at Fanshawe Collage and places her right in the middle of this new fantastical project.


Whether it’s printed goods from Ontario-based company All Sorts Press or weekly bouquets from London’s own Tania Floral Design, DNA continues to use their platform to uplift fellow entrepreneurs. Additionally, DNA provides a space for fellow creatives to form connections with other artists, authors, poets and publishers.

Alayna Hryclik

Surfacing everywhere from your best friend's closet to your favourite stores (and even in the 2017 Fall Dream Lotto Home!), Soft Flirt is a "tenderly handmade" brand blossoming in the Forest City. Alayna Hryclik took her sheepish outlook on engaging with your crush and her whimsical script-like handwriting and transformed it into sweet yet punchy lifestyle brand.

Alia Tamar

Alia’s practice not only aims to explore the complexities of her diaspora, it also takes apart the layered and relatable conflict that is mental health – teasing but never giving into the subject matter, leaving the viewer to connect the dots.

Jason McLean

This past July, McLean opened his latest exhibition, Boomerang Smile, at Michael Gibson Gallery. Following his opening, We spoke with McLean about growing up in London, an obsession with real estate and celebrity, and how “people take 2018 too seriously.”

Tobi Adebowale

Born in Lagos, Nigeria Tobi Adebowale is a local art director, stylist and designer. Tobi began his journey into fashion with a style blog called 'the eye London', a showcase for locally sourced fashion.

Jenn + Jesse


Combined, Jenn and Jesse have a passion for fashion, woodworking, and uniting the community in London. Located in the heart of London, Lofthouse Living is filled with a collection of one-of-a-kind antiques and local artisan offerings. All neutral in tones, earthy in textures, and beautifully curated with bright highlights of greenery.

Harina Mokanan

One such person is Harina Mokanan, a music enthusiast with an interest in the art of connecting and community. Dabbling with everything from hosting her very own show at Radio Western (94.9FM ), to writing about music for Multimedia publication The Come Up Show. She is also one of the creative forces behind the rapturous monthly party known as Afrik - ‘’A Night of Afro Based Rhythms’’.

James Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick's work is a manifestation of his current world perspective. Constructed through reclaiming and reprocessing otherwise neglected materials, his pieces are an invitation to the viewer. We asked James to reflect on growing up in London, his discovery of the underground graffiti scene, and the strands of inspiration that weave together his audio explorations and visual oeuvre.

Tania Dupon-Martinez

With a burn of history at her back that bolsters an appreciation of her roots, Tania Dupon-Martinez is a blooming beauty in Forest City drawing inspiration from her personal relationships accented by her love of nature. Her days are spent cultivating community and experiencing all the natural beauty London has to offer. These passions are effortlessly reflected in her picture-perfect bouquets masterfully arranged in her quaint shop, and artisan prints crafted lovingly by hand on a 19th-century press. Here, Tania shares her design process, her love for London, the challenges of mixing work and art, and perhaps most importantly — where to find the best hummus in town.

Kennedy Velikonja

Kennedy Velikonja’s work sits somewhere between the fields of craft, fashion and Illustration. Born and raised in London, Velikonja now spends most of the year in New York where she attends Parsons School of Design specializing in Illustration. She has recently merged her love for drawing with her love for fashion to create Kenny Veli, a brand of colorfully printed Italian silk scarves. While still nostalgic of the past, the scarves carry a refreshingly modern twist. Characterized with shapes and spirited colors that are ultimately vibrant interpretations of everyday life. The “Luck Of The Draw” scarf is a translation of a pool table in her family home, “The Picnic at Noon” scarf is inspired by her summer days spent on the beach in Port Franks. Her approach to drawings is fresh, uninhibited, and almost always joyfully quirky in subject matter. Here, Kennedy recalls her discovery of illustration and how she made the leap from college student to entrepreneur.

Jessica & Lorik

Jessica Sarai Larios and Lorik Krasniqi are mixed media artists based here in the forest city. Jessica’s colourful and imaginative work may seem unassuming at first glance, but a closer examination reveals a deep entrenchment in rich allegory. Lorik’s work playfully translates emotion into form and vivid colour. here, the couple discuss their history, and the influence of their cultural backgrounds on their creative drive, dream collaboration, and their respective conceptions of love.