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Experimental rock group, WHOOP-Szo, has been creating sound that blurs genre lines for over a decade. Based between London and Guelph, WHOOP-Szo has actively maintained an ongoing interest in the art of community, with interests evolving beyond making music. Influenced by Canadian stories, WHOOP-Szo imaginatively explores efforts that center on connecting to the Indigenous community. With numerous albums now under their belt, WHOOP-Szo shares Weather Comes: a beautiful collaborative project marrying the literary and the lyrical. The album features a 7’’ record of their archival tunes that deeply resonate partnered with an engrossing short story by band member Kristen Kurvink, One Step Below. In his own words, band member Adam Sturgeon shares about the project.


“Life is one big melting pot of creativity, love & challenge”


After a busy 2018 where two of us also became parents, we began to look back into the dusty cupboards of our musical past. Back when songs were written on docks beside shimmering lakes in the summer, and winter walks home were -30 below and we’d sleep out in the sauna.

It is only now that we have decided to share the rest of this intimate and retrospective material. Sure it’s nostalgia – from our earliest days with members past and present, Weather Comes is an out-take from a series of tape recordings we did with Kirsten’s dad, Harri Palm, in Guelph, ON.

The story of One Step Below corresponds to the music as the EP serves as a tribute to our band mate Kirsten. There have been several times in our careers where her humble nature doesn’t earn her the same respects given the males in our band. It can be more than palpable and discouraging. Imagine that AND being a mother. The music scene really doesn’t cater to women and yet so much of our success has been managed and curated by Kirsten. These songs honour that and show off even more of her contributions. As Kirsten is also a writer we thought this would be a good time to also introduce her into the “world of publishing”. We went through a lot of different writings that she had stacked away and thought the story of One Step Below fit with the general vibe that WHOOP-Szo put forward. For us, there really is no separation between the art of our music or writing and that of our daily work routines. Life is one big melting pot of creativity, love, and challenge. We are a creative project and strive to continually explore new territory with our art. So a decade on, we’ve released our first book.

- Adam Sturgeon of WHOOP-Szo


Available at Grooves Records


Story by Kerry Ssemugenyi

Photography By Edna Press